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31 January, 2009

a wonderful get-together with the cousins

It was great to see how Clayton had fun with his cousins this Chinese New Year. They shared toys, played together, taught each other to play, laughed, talked and did the things kids usually do. For me, it was relaxing to watch them play... it was basically fun!

Though I wished DH was with us, I knew that he had his obligations so that was fine. He too had space to catch up with old friends and did those boys' stuff... it was overall - good!

I just hope that clayton can get to play with Jonathan and Janessa a little more often before we move to brissie. It's great to know that my brother and his wife are both so cool about kids playing together. They are not tensed, fussy or 'kan cheong' when they get overly excited or rough with each other.... they are just cool. They understand that 'kids will always be kids..." They grow up.

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