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04 June, 2009

Busy weeks for Mommies Who Work From Home

It's school holidays again and that means another busier two weeks for mommies who work from home. It also means that some moms will find it hard to earn money from home since they need to spend more time keeping little missies and misters busy and happy.

Last Friday, Clayton's school had a mid year school party and with the theme of Noah's Ark, every child needs to be dressed in an animal of their choice. I didn't sort of take it that seriously until thursday and had to call a friend for ideas and advices. I'm not an expert in kids' costumes!

With her suggestions, DH and me made Clayton a bee attire - that was probably the easiest to do! I managed to find a yellow t-shirt in his dresser and used that as his bee suit. Using black duct tape and a few simple accessories, his costume for the school party was ready!

I had to thank DH for suggesting that we DIY instead of renting an animal costume. It was fun doing things together as a family and these little crafts were so meaningful. We have been so engrossed with working from home that this sort of break is good to break the monotony.

The school party ended well and we took a short 2 nights break in Genting Highlands with my family from Singapore on Sunday. Genting was never my favourite holiday destination but it was the company that made the trip very nice and special. The work at home mom and dad spent two afternoons in the indoor theme park and watched the kids bumping each other on the bumper car. I was glad to catch up with my loved ones too. It's been a long time since we visited Genting after our last sales training some time ago.

Now that we are back in the office, I need to do more balancing act with my earn money from home projects and spending time with Clayton. I'm looking forward to spending a few days in Singapore and having some personal time as Clayton enjoys himself in Garage Adventure.

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Dilip Mutum said...

Clayton's bee outfit is cute.