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29 October, 2009

Work At Home Mom Looks Forward to Year End

Since the line has been good these few mornings, I thought I would post a couple of photos from Clayton's 5th birthday party. It's frustrating for anyone who is working from home when the internet line is far from perfect. And the thing is, I am not even asking for perfection!

With less than two months to Christmas, it's time to do some spring cleaning in the home office too. Plus I'm heading for a trip end November so I need to finish up some new projects for my internet bsuiness. There are still other errands to take care of such as renewing the home insurance, car insurance, health insurance... there seems to be no end to these things sometimes :)

I'm looking forward to a nice break - something that a work at home mom or dad does at the end of every year. Life can be demanding with the entire year of maintaining that balancing act.

Before things change for the internet, I better get some photos posting for now!

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