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11 March, 2010

Planning to Work at Home in Brissy

Clayton's timetable is finally out! After three long months and the school has finally released the new timetable with the new school hours. He'll go to school for four hours the week after the school holidays. That means more time for me to work at home and starting the day an hour earlier!

I suppose this is good for him as the school has included more fun and play activities in the time table. Previously it was all rather cluttered and there wasn't much time for physical stuff. I could see that they had increased the subject duration and snack time which means the kids don't need to rush through their learning and eating.

Back in the home office, DH has been rather diligent in setting up the website for the new business. There's so much potential in the world of internet marketing and I believe that online business will continue to grow in the next few years. People use the Net for everything these days, from searching jobs in New York to seeking for medical answers. Shopping online has become such a common thing with today's cutting edge technology. With this convenience, I can buy stuff overseas and have them delivered to my doorstep within a short duration.

With the new business, we can continue to work at home in Brissy and enjoy the freedom of time. I am excited with this new venture and look forward to achieving new dreams and goals.

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