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22 March, 2010

Update From the Work at Home Mom

Ah... it's been two weeks since I last wrote. Well, I don't know even I'm away from this blog for sooo long! When you work at home, time passes so fast and when the routine just goes on and on...

I just got back from a short trip to Singapore. Even though it was only three nights, I felt good about taking a break from the home office. Well, the truth is, I never quite take a complete break even though I am away most of the time cos there are always online work to be done.

Now that Garage Adventures is closed, traveling with Clayton isn't as easy as before. I dropped him off at Peekabook one of the days when I had to get my hair coloured and cut. He was happy playing there since there were many kids during the one week school break. I mean for a mere S$12 per entry, he could play all day so that was a good deal. The only downfall was, the child minders in Peekabook didn't seem to care if he ate his food or not when he placed his order at their cafe. It was nothing like Garage Adventures and seriously, I miss GA so much!

Albeit the challenging task of shopping with Clayton, I still found time to sneak into Womb for a peek and bought a couple of one-offs. I was sad to hear that more one-offs were arriving the following day but I would be in KL by then! I had dinner with a couple of old friends and we were discussing about diets that work while indulging in our prawn linguini!

The next break from the home office would be one month from now and we'll be off to Hong Kong. I pray that the air quality readings will improve by then cos I just read that the air pollution was at record high today. Not so good news for me at this moment. I trust that things will get better and the weather will change for the good in the next few days and weeks.

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