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01 March, 2010

Work At Home Mom and Her Busy Long Weekend

It was a pretty eventful week for us last week. On Tuesday, the storm and lightning fried the lights and power in our kitchen, my work at home husband's laptop and our modem.

In the past, we used to have such problems when there was a storm but since switching to 3G networks, we had taken things for granted. Now that we are back on land line for internet connection, we have to be extra careful again when thunders roar! I was glad that we got everything fixed and restored within a short time, at the expense of a new laptop and some running around. Nevertheless, we were back online in less than 24 hours - how thankful was I!

We had a long weekend last week with Friday being a public holiday and I was so happy to have a friend visiting from Singapore. That was a very close girl friend whom I love and treasure. She was telling me how consumers these days were getting home insurance quotes online that she had less to do now - she happens to be in the insurance industry. It was nice fellowship and we enjoyed a yummy dinner at our favourite Taiwanese restaurant at The Gardens.

It was a real break from the home office as we visited a friend's CNY open house and house warming party. Then it was even more tiring when the work at home mom had to nurse her boy who was running a temperature. I tend to be more tired when my boy is ill. He tends to wake up at night and that means disturbed sleep for me.

I stole a little time to make my first natural cleaning enzyme made of aloe vera and some lemon. Hopefully it will turn out well in 3 months' time! I found a way to utilize my growing aloe vera garden!

So it's back to the grind this week and it is pretty busy for me as the work at home dad is away in his hometown. And yes, we are in the month of March now... and in nine months' time, we will be bidding farewell to this land.

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