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02 June, 2010

Brief Thoughts on Tropicana City Mall

After being here for 10 years and more, I still dread to visit the post office where the waiting is long and the service is still as inefficient as before. Since I work from home, I only drive out for errands and I avoid visiting post office and banks.

But my woe of posting letters is now solved with a Pos Malaysia now opened in Tropicana city. I had to send something to my dear sister in UK and guess what, at 1pm, I was the only two customers. Not too good for the business but it's good for me :) In the last few months, we have been patronizing the mall on a regular basis due to the convenience and close proximity. We have then since avoid traveling to Bandar Utama due to the bad traffic at the highway. I mean, you don't want to waste more time outside when you are a work at home mom... you just want to quickly get home and get things done!

Chocolate lovers may be happy to know that the Japanese chocolate store, Royce is now opened in Tropicana. You can spot it by the pure white and blue shop interiors. Basically Tropicana city mall is great for serving the basic shoppers' needs. Buy your groceries and household clamps from Carrefour and grab a book at Borders. Go for a manicure at Color Culture or have a Japanese dinner at Sushi Tei. It's a pretty convenient mall to be without having to navigate through the jam and crowd.

Ok I am not paid to promote the mall but just thought I would share it briefly here. So work at home moms, take note of the 'not-so-crowded' post office if you need to pay your bills or mail your parcels.

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