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04 June, 2010

Work At Home Mom & Food

In our home, we eat in on the weekdays and the kitchen is closed on the weekends. This arrangement can be tiring if you work at home mom cos you need to set aside at least an hour or more to prepare dinner for the family.

As such, I look forward to weekends as that's a break for me and I can indulge in my favourite foods. These days, we avoid going to mega malls and we prefer to go to neighbour ones to get all our necessities. Being stuck in traffic or driving in circles for a parking lot is never too fun and it's time consuming too.

These days, there are two favourite hunts that we frequent. One is situated near Aman Suria called Betty's Mid West Kitchen and the other is WaterLily in Tropicana. Betty serves very yummy pork ribs at the most affordable prices. We love the homestyle cooking and casual environment... nice people too. No frills and just good food.

Salad with BBQ Squid

BBQ Beef Pasta at WaterLily

WaterLily serves contemporary Balinese food which is affordable and good. The BBQ beef and chicken are my favourite plus the satay lilit. WaterLily also serves western dishes with a balinese twist while the local Balinese dishes remain the popular favourites with their diners. Be warned that portions are quite huge so you may want to order to share.

With all the meaty dinners on the weekends, I may need to start looking at fat burners if I don't exercise enough. So I'm stopping here to head to my rebounder for a good bounce and oh yes, the mid term school holidays are here again and there'll be no more rest for the work at home moms :(

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