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04 June, 2010

Weekends for the Work at Home Mom

It's the weekends again and though I work from home, my mind automatically goes on a 'rest mode' when it's Saturday.

Saturdays are relaxing. Kitchen is closed and we hang out in our regular joints, take it easy and laze around the house. Somehow, you don't feel that guilty when you are lazing about on a weekend but the guilt is evident on weekdays. My favourite chocolate store, Royce, had opened up in Tropicana city so I'm been indulging a bit. I hope I won't need fat burners after two boxes of soft chocolates in 2 months. I love the soft texture of Royce chocolate... yummy!

Since I'm off to Singapore on Monday, I should just clear up some work and do some packing this weekend. I look forward to my shopping time during the Great Singapore Sale period and meeting a couple of girl friends over lunch. Clayton is always happy to be back in Singapore and he still likes taking MRTs and traveling in public buses. He is such a good traveler and I thank God for that. With the iPhone being a good entertainment device for him, I can now shop in peace in my favourite boutiques when he's with me.

So here's a good weekend to all and may all work at home moms close their kitchens and pamper themselves with some good times.

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