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05 June, 2010

Saturdays and It's Still Work Time

This morning, I got as usual on a nice Saturday morning, prepared brekkie for Clayton and waited to send him to Fly Kidz for his gym class. How many work at home moms don't keep track of public holidays when it falls on Saturdays? I'm one of them!

So as you may expect, I drove all the way to Solaris just to realize that Fly Kidz gym was closed! I didn't even know it's a public holiday! Well, as 'blur' or 'sotong' as I may be, it's a Saturday and it's school holidays so I don't even expect it to be a rest day.

Today is one Saturday I need to finish all the outstanding assignments so I have no choice but to let him enjoy some computer games. Anyway, it's school holidays and he's done his Chinese reading so he deserves a little reward. I need to do some writing and complete a review before my trip on Monday. I know nothing about testosterone booster so I'd better do some research online first.

I hope to spend some time with mom next trip as she isn't feeling too well. Besides, I have a big task in convincing her to make a trip to Taiwan before my big move. Let's hope she says YES to my suggestion! It would be nice for her to spend some time with Clayton in a holiday while there's opportunity.

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