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01 June, 2010

Work At Home Mom Packing Up for the Move

In preparation for the big move, I've started to do some spring cleaning and packing away some old clothes. The thing I love about being a work at home mom is that I can do a few simultaneously.

So when the internet was out few days ago, I took time to pack away some old clothing and that was when I decided to call the movers for some boxes. I don't like to get to stress up with packing and throwing things out last minute so I thought I would start early. More so, I'll be away at least once every month from this month onwards right til October.

With so much to do on the personal front as well as at work, I am feeling tired before the clock hits 12am every night. Sleeping at midnight is norm for us but I'm not sure if age has a part to play but I am getting tired much earlier than that! The irony is, I can't seem to get to sleep right away even though I'm tired. Sleeplessness seems to be a common problem for many people who usually end up with sleep aids. I tried valerian root many years ago but somehow it didn't worked on me!

Tomorrow is a day off for little junior so I work be able to get much done in the home office. The only way is to allow some computer leisure time and that should allow me to finish some urgent work before we head to Singapore next week.

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