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15 September, 2010

Living Naturally at My Best

With more people getting more health conscious these days, the health food industry is growing everyday. Many work at home moms I know are choosing natural and organic foods for their kids and some have started growing their own organic gardens. How nice!

Being an allergy sufferer, I'm careful not to go near dusty places as they aren't good for my respiratory system. In fact, I dislike entering old buildings and houses as the moldy environment can be detrimental to my health too. Some of you may have heard of Mesothelioma and this is often caused by poorly construction materials.

I hope to grown an organic garden when we move to Brissy. It would be nice to pick herbs from my garden and choose some vegetables for our meals. I may not have green fingers like some mommies but with a little practice and effort, I believe it's possible. Choosing to live naturally isn't that hard if you are willing to put in the time and efforts.

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