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28 January, 2011

Australia Day in Eumundi and Coolum

It was Australia Day on Wednesday and we made a day trip to the Sunshine Coast. It's been years since I last visited Sunshine Coast so it was nice revisiting the beautiful beaches again.

We have been busy with our boxes in the last one week and there is so much to be done. DH was so busy clearing the clutter in the home office that he has not even fixed up the home speakers yet. We set out very early to get to the Eumundi markets which takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. WE didn't expect ourselves to travel pass the toll bridge but registration was easily done on line. Thank God for relatives which are able to advise us when we are uncertain on local policies and rules. It sure helps a great deal to avoid blunders that way.

Eumundi Markets was nice and there were lots of local stores which is what I like about markets. It's pretty big and I didn't expect myself to end up with a hat, couple of scent pots and some homeware. I would love to revisit this lovely market. After Lunch, we headed off to Noosa heads for the warm waters.

The beach at Noosa was closed when we were there due to stingers being found on the waters. We then drove to Coolum beach which was 15mins away from Noosa. Coolum beach was beautiful and the surf was fantastic. Clayton couldn't wait to jump into the waters!

It was a full day out but we came home feeling happy that we had a great time at the beach.

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