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25 January, 2011

Heading to Sunshine Coast

Finally, school has started for Clayton yesterday and it's a milestone for him and us!

He woke up cranky and I think he was having some jitteries on his new school. After some coaxing, he finally got to school and I was glad that he was feeling comfortable about his new class. We spent some time in the class organizing his stationery and books before saying good bye. And we were off to our first 'day off'! We spent an afternoon in west end and southbank before heading back to school to pick him up.

It's been a very week since our shipment arrived and we managed to clear up all the clutter in the living room. At least we can position our furnitures at the right place so that we can live comfortably. There are still a dozen of boxes sitting in the garage waiting to be cleared. It was stressful that all our things were repacked by the Msia packers and it was hard locating some things.

It's hubby's birthday next week and I'm at a loss of buying him the right gift. Unlike my girlfriend who grabbed some good cigar deals for her hubby, I find it hard to buy hubby anything! I would love to buy him a bike but I have no idea what he wants!

Tomorrow is Australia Day and we'll be heading to Sunshine Coast to the Eumundi Markets. We will be exploring queensland whenever we can and I enjoy these quality family times spent together. I am thankful for these wonderful times and I treasure every moment spent with hubby and Clayton. That's it for now... it's going to be a great day tomorrow!

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