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06 August, 2011

Back from Melbourne

In the twinkling of an eye, we are back from our vacation in Melbourne and I only wish we can stay a couple of days more! Living in brisbane is quite different from Melbourne where the city is vibrant and the lifestyle is busier. I'm not complaining but it's nice to have a little change every now and then.

It was nice to see some old friends and it was great for the little man as he played and spent time with his little friends too. For us, it's discovering new places to dine, especially Asian food and we didn't find anything that stood out until our final day in Melbourne. A friend recommended Shark Fin Inn and the dim sum was so good. I later found out that it was a popular restaurant! We went to a couple of 'good' ones including Ocha Japanese (which we thought was so-so) and Hutong whose pan fried dumplings didn't deliver. The skin of the dumpling was so thick that I much prefer the ones in Shangpaign kitchen in Brisbane.

Food aside, Clayton missed few days of school during the Melbourne trip and I believe the memories of hanging out with old friends meant more than those few days in school. He would have many years in school so few days of absence won't hurt too much!

Yesterday, he received a birthday party invitation from his good friend in class and he's looking forward to it. He's already discussing with me about his birthday party and telling me that some of his friends have cool invitations such as Pirate Invitations and superhero ones. He wanted a lego party and a big set of lego... we'll see how he behaves haha.

It's back to baking for me after taking a break for a few days. I miss baking and oh, I miss Koko Black in Melbourne. Since learning that their chocolates are so good, I have been sipping a cup of belgium hot chocolate every morning and I even splurged on a big and few packs of koko black chocolates. I finished the box ones in two days and I am truly missing them!

Till then, Melbourne is a lovely place to visit and we had brought the Queensland sunshine to this city of erratic weathers! I hope to be back again and this time, I must check out all the yummy restaurants with the real locals!

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