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11 May, 2007

Talk art, talk expression

Alot of my friends expect me to paint well, just because I study graphic designer. Little do they know that art and design are quite different in its own right. I love acrylic paintings but am just never cut out for fine art painting.

Personally, I'm attracted to vibrant colours and abstract compositions, textures and form appeal strongly to me, just like the art of Russian Artist Victor Lysakov, whose works have recently been introduced to the American art lovers. His modern expressionist paintings triggers thoughts, induce curiosity and bring a sense of mystery to some. From his works, I can see his appreciation for animals, creatures, nature, traditional and modern motifs. The forms are bold and each art exudes its own space, depth and expression.

I may not know how to paint well but I enjoy seeing blended tones and shades of colours transformed into a totally new art form while the subject matter depict life and its unique meaning. If you share my love for expressionist paintings, this page shoes some of my favourites by the gifted artist, Victor Lysakov.

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