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11 June, 2007

saying NO to travel contribution

After much careful consideration, I have decided not to take up the guest blogging job for the online travel review site. I read the terms in the contract and they were unfavourable and unacceptable. What I cannot agree is that the content will become the works of the company and the blogger (ME) is to transfer and assign the copyrights to the company. Besides, the blogger (ME) must agree to hand over the content of the posts and articles created.

Why should I release my copyrights just because I'm paid a small amount per post? The content in my blog should be MINE even though I am paid cos it is in my blog. I paid for the hosting - hello? I write paid posts and the content is mine :)

Anyways, the contract is far too complicated for a small writing task like this - not worth my time :) I rather spend my time on blogging, paid posts, building my blogs and social networking.


Vedis Teh said...

Hi, Doris,

Local travel company ?? They think we bloggers are cheap labours who will say yes to everything.

I think they haven't read the book by Thomas Friedman-The World Is Flat.We are doing international biz lah.

Vedis Teh said...

By the way, Doris, no hurry for the links please...;D

A question here. Is it easy to migrate to wordpress.org ? I am using ixwebhosting. If I switch to Bluehost,I am worried there will a lot of troubles.

Will using wordpress bring in more money opportunities ?

Please advice...;D