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30 August, 2007

Make money niche blogs, text link ads niche blogs... what else?

In the last few months, I have been visiting many niche blogs in and around the worldwide web. It looks like many bloggers are starting make money niche blogs, text link ads niche blogs and internet marketing niche blogs. While I find the topics of discussion insightful and informative in some of these niche blogs, alot of them have content that are copied or duplicated. What it means is that, some bloggers will follow some popular make money niche blogs and duplicate the information found on these niche blogs. There is no originality, only a little revision and rephrase on the content.

While there is no right and wrong in this manner of writing niche blogs (not considered plagiarism unless the entire amount or certain amount of content is copied), it gets boring after a while. Text link ads niche blogs are rising in popularity as more and more text link ads companies are launched. While everyone is geared towards making money from blogging, let us not forget to contribute quality content to our readers. This makes niche blogging more fun and meaningful. Agree?

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