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06 September, 2007

how are you doing with your multiple niche blogs?

Don't know why but things are a little quiet for me this month at both Sponsored Reviews and Link worth. But after talking to few blogger friends, they seem to agree with this trend. Being a preferred partner at Linkworth, I definitely look forward to more linkposts and text link ads. In fact, I'm doing good at TEXT LINK ADS for my multiple niche blogs compared to Link Ads. Oh yes, I had a LinkSura and LinkMura last week and that was great! Though I had to get help from Ah Pek to install the LinkSura codes.. his explanation was so clear and easy - Linkworth should pay him for doing the support help :)

Let's hope for more Linkposts this month... more text link ads too for my multiple niche blogs, cos these are what we bloggers call - residual income :) How are you doing with your multiple niche blogs?

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