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11 May, 2011

MOving with Times

Since the start of term 2 in the school, I have been volunteering more and it's nice to be a help in small ways like these. Though it isn't significant, I find pleasure in helping out in Clayton's class and it's also good for me to get to know the school teaching system.

Education today is so different compared to my time and kids are learning so differently. Yesterday afternoon, I was in the class to help with the scrapbooks and the kids were watching a youtube video on big screen. They were learning about natural disasters and it became a teaching point for the teacher. That was a new way to learn.

Even when it comes to playing, kids learn differently too. They are more familiar with new psp games than we adults are and can tell you alot more things! We are still delaying our purchase of the Wii and are waiting for the opportune time to buy it.

I can't imagine how learning will be like in ten years' time.... it's mind boggling for me and all I know is that, we have to move with the times or we become obsolete!

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